Vision is about seeing beyond what others see

Passion is about making the impossible possible

A Solid Relationship is about value beyond limits

We believe Success is about Vision, Passion and Solid Relationships

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BE’s Vision is to be the first Partner of choice for Major Suppliers seeking growth and customer loyalty Globally


BE’s Mission is to bridge the gap for cross-border transactions between Verified Sellers of proprietary quality products and Verified Buyers by reducing the complexity, achievement of remote tasks, and building trust between the stakeholders for the benefit of customers.

Business Lines

Infrastructure Supply & Technical Services

BE partners with leading European & US Manufactures for the purpose of securing for them major orders from Middle East

Infrastructure & Railway Maintenance Services

In response to the huge Infrastructure/railway build up that took place between 2009-2017 particularly in Saudi Arabia & UAE, substantial

BE Global B2B E-Commerce Marketplace

In 2018 Brown Eagle B.V. was established, a full subsidiary of BE and headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, it is

Brown Eagle Tech

Brown Eagle Technology is a digital solution provider and an expert in the e-commerce field and deploys multiple resources of

Environmental, Medical & Health Care Equipment & Instruments Supply

The COVID-19 has changed so many things in our lives, most important it has shifted our priorities. Most of us now believe that the best

Solar Energy

Despite of the abundance of oil & gas in MEA, several countries and more specifically GCC have embraced alternative clean


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