• Brown Eagle [BE] JAFZ has formed [Saudi Brown Eagle] for the better services of its clients’ maintenance needs in Saudi Arabia.
  •  BE has a Team dedicated to its Clients’ requirements in their Railway Supply & Maintenance disciplines. 
  • BE continues to form new Teams as more Manufacturer Partners products are sold in Kingdom.
  • BE is ready to offer hands-on training to National Railway Organizations Team in the upcoming period on Maintenance Work & Spare Parts in the various disciplines. 
  • BE along with J.V & Manufacturing Partners is ready to fully support National Railway Organizations in their Maintenance activities to ensure a high level of performing Railway Works.
  • BE’s Partners maintains high quality Products & Services. BE is dedicated at all time for the full  satisfaction of its clients. 
  • Establish company organization structure and various related company departments. 
  • Hiring key department managers and delegate authorities and responsibilities.
  • Continuous coordination between the various company departments. 
  • Establish company policies and procedures for all departments.  

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